Staying Alive 2012

SOOOO… on March 27th, I was eating at Wendy’s and a little boy said out loud to his grandfather as I walked by, “Wow!  How big is he?”

I heard it loud and clear and know that it is now time to make a change.  So, I began STAYING ALIVE 2012, my new lifestyle change program.  I am no longer buying soda pop at home or at the office, though I will drink an occasional one when I’m out to eat somewhere.  I am eating more fruits and vegetables and less carbohydrates.  I am also exercising more than ever.  My big picture long term goal is to stay alive longer.  In the meantime, I want to lose 100 pounds.  A more short term goal is to be able to ride Diamondback and Windseeker at Kings Island this summer, two rides that I don’t fit on right now.

I’ve been keeping folks updated via Video Blogs on FaceBook but I’m also now going to begin sharing them with you on the blog as well.  I find that your involvement keeps me accountable and motivates me to work harder when I don’t really want to.  So . . . I’ll see you all soon with more updates!  Thanks for coming along with me!


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