Growing up, I was a self-professed anti-sports guy. Baseball, especially, seemed so boring on TV. I didn’t mind watching my friends play little league or high school ball but you couldn’t have paid me to watch baseball on TV.

And then for some reason last year, I began to watch the Cincinnati Reds. And I found out that I enjoyed it. The strategy behind the game, the statical analysis of people’s performance, and the patriotism surrounding “America’s Past time” all ignited an interest in me.

I even went to a live game this year and plan to go back again. Hopefully I can sit all alone again like I did here:

I ate lunch at the Machine Room. Had a burger and chips and a Coke for about $18 with tip. I then spent $12.50 on a pretzel and a Coke later. Seems like the Machine Room is a pretty good value! Plus I got to watch activity on the field and being that it was early, it was quiet and relaxing. I enjoyed it very much.

I am a huge Brandon Phillips fan. I like Joey Votto. I think Bronson Arroyo is our best pitcher, even better than Johnny Cueto. I wish they’d send Drew Stubbs to the minors for awhile until he starts hitting. I think Zach Cosart is going to be a big star in the game. And two years ago I wouldn’t have known who any of those people are.

But now, Cincinnati Reds baseball is one of my favorite things!

What about you? Do you have a favorite sports team? Add your comments here or on FaceBook!


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