I loved American Idol . . . and tolerated it this year after Simon left.  Now that he’s back on TV with The X Factor, talent shows feel fresh again.  Tonight they narrowed down the top 16 (well, 17) and I thought I’d tell you who favorites are based on what we’ve seen so far.

GIRLS (Mentored by Simon Cowell): Rachel Crow – she’s perky, fun, and young . . . but when she performs a more serious song, she transforms into a mature vocalist who seems to understand the lyrics better than girls twice her age.  I like her.

BOYS (Mentored by LA Reid): Chris Rene – he has the best story and so long as he doesn’t blow it and stays sober, he should do good.  The little rapper kid needs knocked down a few pegs and I can’t wait for LA to tell him whats up during mentoring when the kid gets too cocky.

OVER 30’s (Mentored by Nicole Scherzinger): Josh Krajcik – he has the Joe Cocker thing going, he’s unassuming and likable, and I think he has a nice chance in this category mostly because I find two of the other contestants to be unlikeable.  LeRoy Bell is my second choice.

GROUPS (Mentored by Paula Abdul): The Brewer Boys – Of the remaining groups, they are the only ones than actually sing consistently well and have a good musical sensibility.  If Paula can mentor them into PERFORMERS instead of just singers they’ll do great.

Who are your favorites?  Post them in the comment section!


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