The Fire Dancer at Festival of the Lion King

I leave for my trip tomorrow and I’ve decided that this week’s focus is going to be on capturing as many photographs of the live shows and entertainers as possible. Since Monday is traditionally about “the arts,” I wanted to talk about some of my favorite shows at Walt Disney World.

First on my list has to be “Festival of the Lion King.” In fact, its likely the only reason I’ll go to Animal Kingdom this trip. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love that park but on a time-budget, its the first one I remove from my itinerary. However, FotLK (as its known on Disney message boards) is worth the effort. The music is amazing, of course, and the stilt walkers, fire dancers, and some of the vocalists are Broadway quality. I hope to have lots of photos of this show to share with you.

The Disney Hollywood Studios hosts several great shows. I love “Beauty and the Beast” and “Voyage of the Little Mermaid.” They are typical Disney fare with excellent special effects, quality dancing, and classic music. The “Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular” hasn’t changed much since it debuted in 1989 when the park opened yet it is as good as it was then. Its funny, well paced, and the stunts are incredible.  Also at the Disney Hollywood Studios are the Streetsmosphere characters, now known as “Citizens of Hollywood.”  I read a great article about their creation the other day here.

Epcot plays host to unique entertainment like the Celtic-Rock band, “Off Kilter” in the Canadian Pavillion. They also now have a band that plays songs from the British Invasion in the United Kingdom area and MoRoccin in Morocco. The Chinese gymnasts are a hit as is the mesmerizing Miyoki, the candy sculptress.  There are so many live shows at Epcot I’ve never seen them all.

There are of course parades, fireworks, and the evening spectacular of Fantasmic! in the parks. But maybe the show I’m looking forward to the most is “Mulch, Sweat, and Shears.” This live band of landscapers-turned-wannabe-rock-stars has a quirky sense of humor, fun audience participation, and tremendous musicians. I’ll watch it more than once.

What are your favorite live entertainment offerings at Disney World? Post them in the comments section!



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