Last week, I talked about an aspect of traveling that I like – flying. This week, I want to talk about another thing I love.  I can’t get enough of staying in hotels.

I’ve stayed in all kinds of hotels all across the country.  When I was a kid we’d drive to Florida every year and we’d usually stay at a Comfort Inn in Valdosta, GA that had a Dairy Queen on the first floor.  I loved that place.  The first Disney hotel I ever stayed in was Dixie Landings, now called Port Orleans Riverside.  I’ve stayed at the very nice Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge and my favorite Disney hotel experience is still my time at the Contemporary Resort.  There’s a monorail going through the middle of it!

One of my favorite lodging memories was the summer our family traveled around to various Ohio State Parks and stayed in the lodges.  We went to Burr Oak, Salt Fork, and Deer Creek and maybe another one.  Two of the times I’ve gone to L.A., I’ve stayed in an Embassy Suites.  Why a single person needs that large of a room is beyond me, but I didn’t mind!

I’ve also stayed in some not so nice places.  There’s a hotel in Dayton that I’ve stayed at twice because its cheap . . . but both times I’ve felt icky about it.  When we took a family vacation across the western states, we stayed at a place where my mom joked that we should sleep on the covers and not underneath.  At least I thought she was kidding.

So, why do I enjoy hotels so much?  As a kid it was because of the pool and in case of those state parks, I loved the game rooms.  But now, what is it?

I guess I like to go to a nice place and let them take care of me.  They clean up after me, they bring me brand new towels, and there’s just something fun about staying in a nice place.  And usually it means I’m doing something fun.  Like next week when I’ll be at the Coronado Springs Resort in Walt Disney World.  I can’t wait to blog from there . . .

I’m gonna go check out Expedia and see what kind of deal I can get for a hotel in early November in Dayton.



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