In less than two weeks, I get to do something I love: fly on an airplane. I often think that I would love a job where I had to travel a lot.  I love getting to the airport early.  I enjoy taking the parking shuttle from the lot to the ticketing area. I love using the touchscreen check-in computers, love handing my bag over to the ticket agent, and love to stop and get a bite to eat in the food court.

When I fly out of Cincinnati, I try to eat Chik-Fil-A as a pre-flight ritual. This next trip, I’m flying from Dayton for the first time (at least since I was a kid) so I’m excited to see what my breakfast options are.

The worst parts of the flying experience are a) airport security and b) cramming myself into the seat on the plane.

Security isn’t always bad; in fact, I’ve never really had a bad experience.  It is anxiety producing and frustrating when you’re behind someone in the line who doesn’t know what they’re supposed to do but I’ve found that if I pack correctly (putting everything I’m carrying including my wallet and my phone into my carryon) then its just a matter of taking off my shoes and letting them x-ray my incredible physique (which I am sure is beamed out to Google Images, searchable under chubby x-rays).

After security, I like to relax in the gate and read and watch people.  Then when its time to board, I hope that perhaps I won’t be seated by someone annoying, smelly, or as gigantic as I am.  If I have an exit row, things are perfect, but that rarely happens.  But, its only two hours, and I can normally use my laptop on the plane and post on FaceBook “hello from 30,000 feet!” and feel connected to the ground below.

The last part of the flying experience is perhaps the very worst.  I hate having to wait for the people in front of me to gather their bags from the overhead bins and slowly exit the plane.  I’ve arrived, for crying out loud, let me get out there and enjoy my trip!

What do you love and not love about flying?  Post your thoughts in the comments.

TOMORROW IS AUDIO THURSDAY!  I’ve got something special planned just for you . . .


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