I remember when I first heard about Tivo. I was puzzled as to how it world work but also intrigued enough to go out and get one pretty quickly.

My life hasn’t been the same since.

My Tivo is long since in the garbage, and DirectTV and I would imagine every cable company offers a cable box with a DVR in it.  I don’t understand why you’d have cable TV and NOT have a DVR.

Do you remember the ancient days where you had to remember what night and what time and what channel things aired on?  Harumph, those were the dark ages!

Now I go in, search for a title, click RECORD SERIES, and viola!  I never miss my favorite shows.  Unless of course the power goes off, they change the name of it for some reason, or I’ve forgotten and had a conflict with two other higher priority shows.  Then . . . well, let’s just say the DVR and I have had a few chats.

As the new fall season debuts this week, use your DVR and check out some of these new programs.  Support them and talk them up on the internet.  I’m sure at least one or two will deserve to stay longer than they’ll likely be allowed in this ADD-world we inhabit.  And that’s a shame!



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