MATINEE MONDAY: "Drawing Room," FutureFest, and Upcoming Shows

I had the pleasure of attending a show called “Drawing Room” on Friday. It is a brand new play, being performed for the first time as part of an annual theater festival called FutureFest.  I’ll talk about the play in a minute, but FutureFest is actually kind of a big deal.

For instance, the new George Clooney movie, “Ides of March” is based on a play . . .and that play made its debut at FutureFest in 2006.  There are six new plays performed at FutureFest – some fully staged (like “Drawing Room” and some done in “staged reading style.”  They are then discussed by five adjudicators while the playwright sits on stage with them and takes it all in.  I marveled at the bravery of the playwright to put himself out there like this, but then again some really big things can happen for their play out of this event.

“Drawing Room” is the story of three court room sketch artists dealing with the shift from using them to using actual cameras in the courtroom.  I was honored to work with the director, Matthew Smith, and the actors by taking some photographs that were used in the show and projected on screens.  I was also fascinated by the process of adjudication and found most of what the judges said to be true, accurate, and helpful.  I hope the playwright felt the same way.

In other Matinee Monday-type news, next Sunday I’ll be heading back to Dayton to see a musical based on the 1980’s movie, “Pump Up the Volume.”  It stars several actors I’ve seen before and I’m excited about the show, the performances, and even the venue.  Its at The Loft in Dayton, which I’ve heard great things about.  I’ll have a full review next Monday.

Also coming up, I get to see “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” at the Showboat Majestic on September 9th.  I’ve seen this show a few times and really adore it and can’t wait to see how this cast and team produces it.  My friend, Charity Farrell, is in it as well as CCM’s Stephanie Park, who is in Kings Island’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” currently.  The cast list is: Katy Lindhart (Rona Perretti), Braden Mechley (Douglas Panch), R. DeAndre’ Smith (Mitch Mahoney), Jonathan Zeng (Chip Tolentino), Matt Hill (William Barfée), Collin Kessler (Leaf Coneybear), Charity Farrell (Logainne Schwartzandgrubenniere),Stephanie Park (Marcy Park) and Danielle Meo (Olive Ostrovsky) Dan Doerger, Director; Steve Goers, Musical Director, Greg Underwood, Choreographer

Finally, you can see me in a couple of upcoming events.  I’ll be playing the bad guy on Saturday, August 13th at the biggest wrestling show of the year, FanFest 5, where I’ll lead the Heavyweight Champion Stewart Oliver Backlund into battle against KYRON inside a steel cage!

And for those of you who are more timid or have more delicate tastes, I’ll be in concert at the Richwood Fair on Sunday, September 4th at 4:30 in the MJS Tent.  I’ll have my digital piano and will be singing and playing for about 30 minutes.  Hope to see you there!


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