MONDAY MATINEE: Captain America

I said I didn’t want to go on a Friday night anymore.  I really have a difficult time with crowds and it gets harder as I get older.  Its not the number of people; its the number of morons.  And the lack of class of people is astounding.  This heat doesn’t help.

So, as you read this review please keep in mind that I was grumpy going into the theater and even grumpier as the film went on.  The biggest frustration was the idiot who thought bringing his 5 and 8 year old sons to a PG-13 movie about World War 2 was a good idea.  Those two kids kept asking questions, talking to the screen, and chomping their candy to the point where I thought I was losing my mind.  It made it hard to enjoy “Captain America.”

But I did, I think.

Whenever I go to a movie with my friend Connie, she asks me what I thought.  Usually I can at least give her an answer that will pacify her until the review is posted, but there are some movies where I need to sit on it for awhile before I can give a thoughtful opinion.  This was one of those nights.

I initially thought it was “just OK.”  But honestly, it was much better than that.  Chris Evans did a very fine job playing the role of the quintessential “good guy” and I’m intrigued by how he will play the role in the “The Avengers” movie next summer now that he has even more reason to go darker with the character.

Tommy Lee Jones could read the dictionary and I’d pay money to see it because he’s so compelling.  Stanley Tucci is always a nice treat and the rest of the supporting cast were great.  I’m not a big fan of Hugo Weaving; I didn’t like him in the Matrix and I wouldn’t go out of my way to see anything he’s doing but he wasn’t terrible here.  I just don’t find him all that interesting, especially when you put him up against great Marvel villain actors like Mickey Rourke, Alfred Molina, and Jeff Bridges.

I liked the artistic tone of the film and I thought the special effects – while unbelievably unrealistic – were nicely done.

Yet, I couldn’t fall completely in love with it because of my dislike of period pieces/movies about Russians and Nazis/set in Europe.  I can’t explain it but its been an ongoing problem and its probably why I think “Raiders of the Lost Ark” is the hardest one for me to sit through of the Indiana Jones trilogy.  Its weird . . . but really, would you expect anything less from me?

Go see “Captain America.”  Its worth seeing . . . just go to a matinee.


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