As you likely saw on my Saturday Special post, I’ve been cooking more often. One of the best tools I have is my George Foreman Grill.

It makes life so much simpler, especially for someone like me. I live in a basement apartment with no patio or balcony so having a “real” grill is not an option. I love burgers and chicken and steak and the Foreman grill makes cooking all of these much easier. Its super quick; for example, I cooked hamburgers for dinner yesterday and it took less than 10 minutes to get them good and medium-well.

Cleanup is also very simple, as the plates come off, go right to the sink, get scrubbed and rinsed, and put back on ready for the next use all within minutes. They would even go in the dishwasher if I were so inclined!

I’m working on some new recipes for the Saturday Specials and many of them I would use the Foreman Grill for. There are some drawbacks if you don’t know what you’re doing. The meat has potential to dry out, especially chicken, but only if its overcooked. I choose leaner meats for health reasons and because I think the flavor is better, but some say that things aren’t as flavorful when cooked this way. Again, an experienced Foreman Griller can compensate for these weaknesses.

I really love it and it is truly one of my Favorite Things!



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