TUESDAY TRUTH: What Makes a Good Pastor

My pastor, David Vaughan

Its a bittersweet thing when I visit other churches sometimes.  Let’s just say that it often makes me grateful for my own church.  The leadership at Whitewater Crossing Christian Church, to which I belong, is doing an excellent job.  My pastor is a hero of mine and a good trusted friend.  I found this blog post by a pastor in Texas that I thought I’d share with you today for our Tuesday Truth.


Phil Coleman, Minister of Service Programming and Business Administration at WCCC

These next two links are blog posts written by my worship leader, Phil Coleman.  I had an experience again the other night where I am so grateful for his leadership.  I don’t always agree with everything he does or says (I am a little opinionated, if you didn’t know by now), but I find myself grateful for him being a TRUE leader and such a knowledgable man.  I remember reading this before I even really knew him and thought they were quite wise.

 Things I’m learning from the pew
things I’m learning from the pew…part ll

Come back tomorrow for FAVORITE THINGS WEDNESDAY!


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