Anyone who has been to my office has likely walked by the large collection of Yankee Candles located in my store room. I have over 25 large jars that I like to burn in my office to make the place smell more welcoming. I love spices, foods, fruits, and seasonal scents. I’m not a big fan of flowers or what I would call more “bathroom” type scents. (Just in case you all want to buy me a gift.)

I used to work in Oakley on Fridays and would see one client usually.  So to justify my trip, I would go to the Yankee Candle store in Rookwood Pavillion to make it worth my time to drive to that side of town.  The ladies that worked there would find me coupons and help me buy several candles every trip.  And then recently I learned that there is a Yankee outlet store at the new mall on I-75 at Monroe.  I got four large jars for $44!  That’s a steal!

My favorite for the summer has been Cherry Lemonade, but the Orange Dreamsickle has been  close second.  I’m mostly excited that fall is around the corner so that I can go back to my favorite scents like Spiced Pumpkin and Autumn Leaves.  But my all time favorites are Holiday Home Sweet Home, Christmas Eve, and Cranberry Peppermint, which are Christmasy scents.

Do you like candles?  What’s your favorite?  Be careful and don’t set anything on fire!



2 thoughts on “FAVORITE THINGS WEDNESDAY: Yankee Candles

  1. Yankee Candles is one of my favorite brands. I use mine in a jar warmer because they last longer, and since there are kids around, I don’t have to worry about a flame. I like clean and food scents. Right now I have a jar candle from Gold Canyon (a home party brand that rivals Yankee) called Beach Towel. My other favorite (can’t remember the brand) smells like Maple Syrup and Pancakes. I like Clean Cotton from Yankee and Sage & Citrus.

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