THEME PARK THURSDAY: Spiderman at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

Today I want to focus our attention on what I consider to be the best attraction outside of Disney World.  “The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman” is located in the MARVEL Superhero Island of Islands of Adventure in the Universal complex near Sea World on I-4.

The attraction is part simulator, part dark ride, part 3-D movie.  It is truly amazing in its seamless effects and storytelling.  It is based on the cartoon version of Spiderman and features nearly every villain from that show all working together to steal the Statue of Liberty.  We are reporters working on the story and traveling in a specially designed vehicle that eventually gets attacked by the bad guys and free-falls (simulated with very cool special effects) from a skyscraper before being saved at the last minute by Spidey’s web.  I am prone to motion sickness on things that spin and use motion screen technology, but this one doesn’t get to me as bad as others.  Even if it did, I’d still ride it. It is spectacular.

One of the coolest things about my trip to Universal in December was getting to meet The Green Goblin, who was creeping around the streets outside the Spiderman attraction.  Connie got her photo with him and it remains one of our favorite pictures from that trip.  If you’ve never been to Universal Studios, you really should go.  And if you’ve never ridden “The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman,” you are truly missing a top-notch thrill that doesn’t require any upside down, high speed, or scary stuff.  I love it and I think you will too!

Have you ridden this attraction?   Please tell us what you thought in the comments section!  And come back tomorow for PHOTO FRIDAY!


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