TUESDAY TRUTH: Tracy Morgan and the PC Police

I saw this on my RSS feed last week.

I am just absolutely incredulous that people are now targeting comedians for making comedy out of edgy subjects.  I guess we should stop making fun of retarded people, gays, Christians, Jews, blacks, Italians, Muslims, women, men, and children just in case someone gets their feelings hurt.  Then all the professional comedians can go get real jobs. Except Jay Leno, because he’s the safest, most boring – and unfunny – comedians left after this moratorium on being . . . well, on being funny.

Last time I checked Tracy Morgan is far from a mainstream comedian.  Yes, he’s famous now because of his stints on “SNL” and “30 Rock,” he is likely drawing in some different fans than 20 years ago when he started.  But like when Bob Saget hosted “America’s Funniest Videos” and people came to his extremely raunchy and vulgar (and not all that funny, in my opinion) comedy club appearances, its not the fault of the comedian when you get offended by the content of his act.  People ought to research what they’re going to see before they spend money on it.  There’s this thing called the Internet and its full of information about such things.

Frankly, the bottom line is that yesterday we just celebrated our Independence Day in this country.  We were founded on some basic principles and one of those is freedom of speech.  Now, if you think Tracy Morgan is a bad person because of his comedy act, then don’t watch his show, boycott the sponsors of that show, and by all means speak out against it.  But demanding an apology for something he said in a COMEDY ROUTINE is ridiculous.  He’s not a politician or even a CEO of a company – he’s a person paid to say funny things for a living.  I think he’s funny and if he apologizes then I might just start boycotting him for being a coward.

The scariest part of this is that if Tracy Morgan isn’t allowed to say these things in a comedy routine, what will our pastors and other religious and moral leaders be forbidden from saying soon?  Will it become illegal to be politically incorrect?  Only if we all allow it.

Come back tomorrow for FAVORITE THINGS WEDNESDAY!


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