THEME PARK THURSDAY: When Theme Park Guests Go Bad

I am my mother's son . . . she had the sense to photograph this idiot just in case

Read this funny rant at Theme Park Insider and then come back so we can chat about it.

I spend so much time at Kings Island, I have tons of horror stories to share.  A recent one (and its an unfortunate frequent occurrence) happened just last week as I was trying to enjoy a show at one the park.  These four pubescent boys were giggling, laughing, and being disrespectful during the show to the point where they caught my attention – and the attention of the performers.  I think they were making inappropriate comments about the girls in the show and acting as if the various female performers had their eyes on them.  Because every college aged beauty has the hots for 14 year old, acne-prone, crackily-voiced teenaged boys, you know.

Luckily one of the female performers, with as much poise as I’ve seen anyone in live theater, handled them with grace and humor.  Without doing anything out of character or inappropriate, she subtly shamed them in front of all of us and I felt such admiration for her I couldn’t wait to get word back to her how proud I was.  I also think that the protective male members of the cast handled it professionally and in their own way and did so very nicely.  Good for them.

One day I was up at the top of the Eiffel Tower and I saw these two 20-somethings (a male and female!) walk off the elevator quite calmly, walk to the side of the observation deck, and each spit a hocker on the ground – and passerbys – below.  I was so shocked and incredulous I didn’t even respond.  Though in retrospect, I wish I’d have said something to them though the last place I want to get in a fistfight is 285 feet in the air.

Just Tuesday night, I was leaving the park and some young punk walked through the exit.  Security asked him to please go through the metal detector.  He refused at first and tried to get around the large officer.  There were words and guess what?  The big security guy won and the guy did as he was asked.  Frankly, after the first 5 times he was asked, I’d have rather seen security toss him to the ground since he was obviously hiding something, like a very dangerous weapon, right?  Better to be safe than sorry. . . and the kid would have certainly been sorry.  But that’s probably why I wouldn’t make a good security guard; I’m not patient enough with morons.

The most frustrated I’ve been with a park guest was a few weeks ago when my niece and I were riding “Congo Falls” and the moron pictured up and to the left decided he wanted to stand up on the big drop.  Seriously, you and I both know that had he fallen or been injured, his mommy and daddy would have sued the park for all they were worth and this wonderfully simple and refreshing ride would have been closed until they could install seatbelts, lapbars, and possibly brain-detectors in the que line.

Have you had any experiences like this with people in theme parks?  Let’s hear them in the comments!



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