I haven’t sat down and watched a movie on DVD in awhile.  I bought this Blu-Ray when it first came out and never finished watching it.  That’s a sign that I’m far too busy, however my life is changing for the better this summer and I’m going to do more things I want to do.

Anyway, this movie is great!  I really don’t want to like Zach Galifianakis but I can’t help it.  Like Will Ferrell before him, his ridiculousness is not something I am proud that I laugh at but he is just so committed to it I can’t help myself.  Robert Downey Jr., on the other hand, goes out of his way to try to make us not like him, yet his charisma is just too great.  Even when he plays unlikeable characters like in this movie, he’s still engaging and charming in a way that catches you off guard.

The guest stars including Juliette Lewis, Jamie Foxx, and Danny McBride just add to the hilarity. Sure, some of the situations are pretty far-fetched and the lack of consequences of some of the lead characters behavior is nonsensical, if you can turn your brain off and just laugh, then you’ll have fun.  I really enjoyed this and am glad I remembered it was in the DVD closet in the new and improved Casa De Kirk.

By the way, I first started to watch Sherlock Holmes that I got from Netflix and the accents and stylized way of shooting drove me nuts that I only made it past the first scene before taking it back out of the player and stuffing it back in the Netflix envelope.  I love Downey, but not enough to suffer through that.

Due Date, while not as good as “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” from which it borrows many ideas and themes, is still a good film and is certainly worth a rental.

“Due Date” is rated “R” for language and adult situations.  95 minutes.  Come back tomorrow for Tuesday Truth when we talk about two very different preachers.


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