THEME PARK THURSDAYS: Kings Island Trip Day 2

We all got up early and were ready to head to the park for opening because I thought Kamryn and Mom would enjoy hearing the National Anthem performed live.  We actually arrived plenty early and sat on the bricks and waited.  There was a choral group called the “Young Hoosiers” in bright green shirts gathering around us.  I could not see anything “young” about most of the people wearing the shirts and I’m confident the blowing of smoke in each other’s faces contributed to an excellent amount of choral bliss when they performed.  Due to Kamryn’s asthma and my disdain for morons who talk loudly and act silly in public, we moved.

The gates opened and we made our way into the park. I took my usual spot on the bench closest to Skyline while Mom and Kamryn went shopping.  Kam had earned $10 to spend at the park and they were in search of the perfect thing to take home.

While I was sitting there, I noticed how aggressive the paparazzi were becoming.  Seriously, they are out of control.  If someone declines a photo, you don’t try to bully them into it by blocking their path and insisting.  Its ridiculous.  Disney photographers NEVER badger you and they have lines of people wanting to have their pictures taken. . . so how about putting out a better product, stationing your photographers around the park in front of various icons, and making the photos more affordable?  Just a thought.

Out came Peppermint Patty and Linus for the Anthem, but I didn’t see a singer.  Turns out whomever it was didn’t appear and they played the canned music.  I was a little disappointed, but we were now ready to head towards Planet Snoopy so Kamryn could have more fun.  We followed the crowd and Mom found a safety pin on the ground that I handed to the security guard who was less than impressed.  I also found myself telling the 6th photographer who demanded we pose for a photo to stop harassing people.  It was not my finest moment.

Kamryn wanted to ride Boo Blasters, so we all went.  I won handily.  After that Kamryn wanted to ride the bumper cars again and I was hungry so I left them to ride again while I went to Chik-Fil-A.  Mom called and said that even though Kamryn rode the bumper cars four times yesterday she was now too tall.  She was wearing different shoes, so I guess its possible but I wonder if she just wasn’t measured on Tuesday evening.   They ended up on the Whirlybirds again instead.

I met them and then they went to ride the Woodstock Express together.  Kam said she was thirsty and they ended up with a frozen lime lemonade, which I wouldn’t think would quench her thirst but then again I’m not 7.  She rode The Great Pumpkin Coaster twice then another trip on Boo Blasters while I held the cup and waited.  They both wanted to see Dinosaurs Alive so we headed that direction via Rivertown.  Before we got far, though, we stopped in the Peanuts shop for some much needed A/C and Kamryn also rode Sally’s Sea Plane. Mom saw a scrapbooking kit she liked and was going to buy it but I suggested she wait til after we were done so she wouldn’t have to carry it all day.  Kamryn said she was hungry, so we ate at PotatoWorks.  The chicken bites are pretty good but the french fries were divine.  I was very impressed.

While we were here Kamryn saw the train. She loves the train at the Columbus Zoo and so we rode it.  I’m a fan of the train and it was hot so sitting in the shade was a great idea as far as I was concerned.  We finally began to make our way back to Coney Mall to get our Dino tickets.

The young lady at the booth was friendly but when the printer didn’t print out our tickets she had to call for help from a supervisor.  Someone arrived relatively quickly and fixed it and we were shortly on our way back through the forest.

Kamryn and Mom both loved it.  I’d done it the day after it opened and was impressed.  It was a relatively pleasant walk, as the shade was plentiful and the dinos look great.  There was a group of people behind us that were overly-excited and we tried to let them pass but they seemed to want to be as close to us as possible through the exhibit.  I gave up.

We sat in the dig site area for awhile as Kamryn uncovered the fossils.  She is very determined and was very focused on her mission so we were there for awhile, but again it was shady and I was sitting down so I was fine.  We all got drinks in the souvenir shop at the end of the trail and Mom was ready to call it a day.  Kamryn walked by the Zephyr (swings) though, and decided to try that.  She rode and seemed to have a great time.

We walked up past the Carousel and Peanuts Party on the Plaza had just finished up.  We stopped in the Peanuts shop on International Street but they did not have the scrapbooking kit so we walked over to Planet Snoopy so Mom could get it.  Then we walked to the front, Kamryn bought her stuffed elephant she had her heart set on (with a few dollars help from Grammy), and I hugged them both goodbye.

I ended up staying in the park to see a couple friends perform in one of the shows in a new role for them that day, which meant I did a lot of shade-hunting and people watching.  It was a long day but totally worth it.  Overall, we had a great time and Kamryn loved Kings Island.  I can’t wait for her to come back and spend another day with Uncle Kirk!

Tomorrow is PHOTO FRIDAY!  Check back then!


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