THEME PARK THURSDAY: Kings Island Trip 6.7.11

My 7 year old niece, Kamryn, had never been to Kings Island and it had been years for my mom.  So I invited them down to spend a couple of days with me at my favorite local theme park.  I booked a two bedroom suite at the TownePlace Suites so I could stay with them overnight and we were all very excited.

I met them about 1:30 on Tuesday afternoon at the hotel where they had just gotten done swimming in the outdoor pool.  We stopped at Wendy’s for lunch before making our way to the park.  We bought their two-day tickets from one of the unfriendliest employees I’ve encountered thus far (and I regret not remembering his name so I could pass along that feedback to those who need to hear it) and we went in.  We stopped so the park paparazzi could snap our picture, mainly because I’ve heard they have a quota and can’t take their break til they take enough pictures.

Our first stop was the Eiffel Tower so I could show Kamryn the whole park and give her some options of things to ride.  She seemed impressed with how high up we were and was a bit overwhelmed by all the choices.

We looked around for a bit and then settled on the Viking Fury.  She and I rode it, while mom watched and took some photos.  Kamryn said she was a little dizzy after we got off. We planned to see the ice show at 3 PM anyway, so we headed to the Kings Island Theater for “Snoopy Rocks! on Ice.”

I told the usher to let my friend Meg who works behind the scenes know I was there.  We watched the show and enjoyed it and waited for Meg to come out to say hi afterwards.  She is one of the truly nicest people I know and it was good to see her again.

Kamryn was ready to ride something else, so we headed towards Dodge ‘Em, but on the way we ducked into the Festhaus where “American Country” was playing so we sat and watched the show.  I introduced Kamryn to the performers afterwards.  She likes to sing with my mom when she does concerts at nursing homes and other local venues back home so I thought she’d enjoy seeing and meeting the folks in the show and she shook their hands and they were all super.

We finally headed back to Dodge ‘Em where she and mom rode twice.  Then we headed to Congo Falls, where a dumb teenage boy in the front row thought he’d be real cute by standing up as we headed down the hill.  I yelled at him and told him to sit down and he did.  You and I both know that if something had happened to him, his family would have blamed the park and probably sued and it would have been completely his fault.  I just don’t understand people who act like this.

After this, we were cooled off but it was still hot.  I wanted Mom to see “Way Too Much TV” as I thought she’d get a kick out of the nostalgia.  Its a great show and we enjoyed it.  I introduced Kamryn to this cast as well as they were once again exceptionally nice to her.  She was ready to ride some rides and my friend Connie met up with us.

I was starving, so I sent Mom and Kamryn off to Planet Snoopy while Connie and I had some Chik-Fil-A.  As we were sitting there, I was telling her about how great the show at the Bandstand is and how super Haylee Dobkins sings “Carwash.”  Of course, as soon as it was time for this song, a park services employee came rolling by with a large garbage cart that he rolled around in circles making it impossible to hear the song.  Of course.  But seriously, if you’ve not heard her sing this song you are missing out.  Its totally worth standing out in the sun for.  The whole show is really good and moves fast and is well worth watching.

We met up with Mom and Kamryn at the bumper cars in Planet Snoopy.  They’d already ridden the Whirlybird and Kam rode the bumper cars four times.  Then we all rode Boo Blasters on Boo Hill where I scored 1500 and Connie scored 300ish.  Mom apparently got even more than I did, but I didn’t see her score since she and Kamryn rode together so she might have been lying. 🙂

Mom and Kamryn rode again while Connie and I waited outside.  Kam then rode the Great Pumpkin Coaster twice and she and Mom rode the Kite Eating Tree.  Finally, we ended the evening with Kamryn’s two trips through the water play area.

After this, we left the park and headed to Graeters.  Mom and Kam got ice cream and I had a double dip ice cream soda. There were a ton of people with dogs there and it looked like they must have some sort of dog/owner night or something.  We headed back to the hotel and they went back to the pool until some strange old man in a Speedo showed up and they called it a night.  We had another full day lined up for Wednesday . . . and I’ll have that day’s events for you soon!

Tomorrow is PHOTO FRIDAY!


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