If you know me at all, you likely know I have very picky food habits.  In the last couple of years, I have realized that my preferences have mostly to do with textures and such.  Regardless of my lack of culinary palette, I still find myself drawn to the Food Network and shows about cooking.  Most of the things they make on these shows are things I would never eat . . . but I am fascinated by them anyway.

So, if you take my love for food and add it to my love of redemption stories, you’ll understand why I am in love with “Kitchen Nightmares.”

Gordon Ramsey, one of the world’s premier chefs, responds to failing restauranteurs cries for help by coming in.  Part coach and part counselor, he quickly identifies the problem and sets about empowering the owners of the place to fix it.  He may have to tear them down in order to build them back up and as a masterful motivator he senses who needs his excruiating criticism


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