MONDAY MATINEE: Kings Island Show Update

There were so many highlights today, June 3rd, I thought I’d update you with a list of random and not-so-random thoughts:

1. The weather was perfect.  It wasn’t too hot, it was sunny, and the skies were blue.  Most of all, there was no rain!

2. The day started with a pleasant suprise; Megan Farley from American Country performed the National Anthem.  I didn’t know she was in the rotation and I hadn’t heard her sing it.  She did a very nice job!

3. The cast of American Country continues to perform excellent shows.  It was nice to see Nathan Lawrence in the rotation today as the swing and the rest of the “regular” cast is really super.

4. The dance captain for Peanuts Party on the Plaza, McLean, filled in as show host today and was exceptional.  He seemed very natural on the microphone and when you add his tumbling and dancing, this makes him a very talented performer.  Good for him.

5. I was surprised that there were no Charlie Brown Pirate Adventures today.  I walked over there to grab some photos of this show that I neglect too often – but the sign said “No shows today.”  Oh well, I’ll try again another day.

6. Snoopy Rocks! on Ice had a special preview today at 4:30.  I couldn’t stay for the whole thing because I really wanted to get a good seat for the first “Way Too Much TV” of the season, but the ice show is really well done and I intend to get more pictures this season.  I’ve got a really nice high speed lens that will allow that to happen much easier.

7. I have missed “Way Too Much TV.”  It was my favorite show last year and I wondered how I would take to it with a different cast.  Its different, but the content of the show is so good, I can’t wait to see it again and again all summer.  I am also very happy with the new costumes for the young women in the show.  The show has always had a tongue-in-cheek tone to it and now the classy, yet fun black and white polka-dot dresses really add to that.  I found impressive the dancing and intensity of newcomer Ethan Litt, the dynamic expressiveness of both Kimber Sprawl and Lindsey Morgan, the really great vocal prowess of Janelle Beckman, and the solid all-around performances of Skip Smith and Kelsey Crimson.  I truly can’t wait to see this cast continue to mature over the season.

8. “Hot Summer Nights” is so good it will actually motivate me to go out and stand in the sun to watch it even in 90 degree days.  Hanson Hostetler, who comes to Kings Island after 7 seasons at Holiday World, is a real pro.  He’s very good, as he should be after all of that experience.  What’s even more impressive is the performance of Haylee Dobkins, the youngest singer in the show and one of the best female singer/dancers Kings Island has this year.  She, like her older sister Paige, is going to be an extremely versatile performer and has a bright future ahead of her.  The rest of the cast (Julia Hunt, Jerico Hughes, Jill Wells, Kayla Drake, and Morgan Judd) dance with precision and synchronization that you do not find very often.  The choreography on this show – by Jody Mangino, who also choreographed “Hot Blooded” – is amazing.  It is complex and yet this cast pulls it off with ease.  I will never understand how you sing and dance like that and not lose your breath!

9. Just a few more days until “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” opens up.  I can’t wait to see how this new cast interprets motown!

10. There’s so much great entertainment at the park, but don’t forget they have some rides, too!  And Dinosaurs!  And so much more . . .I love Kings Island!


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