THEME PARK THURSDAY: It's Showtime at Kings Island!

Tomorrow will be a very busy day for me at Kings Island.  As the webmaster and photographer for, I’ll be running around as new shows open including my favorite from last year, “Way Too Much TV” and the brand new “Hot Summer Nights!”  I also am excited to hopefully catch one of the public dress rehearsals of “Snoopy Rocks! on Ice” and I also am planning to catch “Peanuts Party on the Plaza” as well as seeing the wonderful cast of “American Country” do their thing. Sunday, I want to pay a visit over to “Charlie Brown’s Pirate Adventure”!  Its going to be a good weekend.

Right now the weather is calling for 87 degrees and partly cloudy skies.  I am very excited.  And then next week, my mom is bringing my niece, Kamryn, to the park for two days of fun in (hopefully) the sun!  So far so good on the weather report for Tuesday, but they’re calling for some scattered storms on Wednesday.  We’ll still have a blast.

I am grateful that I get to share my love of all things Kings Island with you here on the blog and I’ll get to pass it along to a new generation with Kam next week.  Look for pictures next Thursday right here from our days of fun!

Don’t forget tomorrow is Photo Friday!


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