Idol Chatter Season 10 – Top 13

Lauren Alaina – I thought she was better than the song. You can’t sing Shania live and do it well. Its a karaoke song because Shania is a Karoake singer’s favorite. Bad song choice.

Casey Abrams – He is my pick to win the whole thing. Great musician, great sense of who he is, and quirky enough but not so weird like Paul McDonald. I love him and loved the performance.

Pia Toscano – She’s my second choice to win. She seems seasoned and confident and knows how to do this well. Great performance.

Haley Rinehart – Weird song choice, but she did it pretty well. I’m intrigued.

Paul McDonald – I think he’s like Taylor Hicks minus the range and the charm. He’s boring and weird and needs to go home soon.

Ashton Jones – She’s better than she’s let on so far on these live shows. I think her nerves are getting to her.

This Megia – She’s very good for her age, but I don’t know if she can handle this show. They were criticizing the arrangement mostly which I doubt she had anything to do with yet she was crying when they came back from break. Hang in there, young lady, you’re good.

James Durbin – He’s super. He’s likeable, he knows how to sing and knows when to do his thing and when to back off. He’s in my top 3.

Jacob Lusk – You know if you have dessert with every single meal, it loses its appeal. If you sing like this every time you sing, you will no longer be special and frankly will be annoying. He’s kind of like a charicature of himself. Plus, who on earth says that R. Kelly is their idol? These young kids need to get out more.

Stefano Langone – Stevie Wonder done disco style? No thanks. America already sent him home once, I think they’ll do it again.

Karen Rodriguez – She wasn’t great tonight, but she’s got chops. I hope she sticks around.

Scotty McCreery – Please someone send this kid back to the ball field. He’s in way over his head and he thinks what he’s doing is “singing” when he’s a parody of country music. His face is a mess when he sings with all those affectations and he’s offkey for 30% of the song. Not good. I’m sure he’s a very nice boy.

Naima Adedapo – I like her a lot, but this was not good. Kind of like Shania in that these songs are great on studio records but very hard to do live, this song was hard to listen to. I like that she was dancing – she’s got something special – but she could use a better choreographer.

Going home: Stefano . . . though I wish it were Paul.


2 thoughts on “Idol Chatter Season 10 – Top 13

  1. Well most of your assessment I agree with baring a few points. One I hope Stefano does not go home because I like him. It was a weird song but I still like his voice! I think the Paul guy is weird too but it is funny that you compared him to Taylor Hicks because I kinda feel that way about Casey Abrams. I know I know you are probably going to slam me for that remark! Don’t get me wrong I like Casey and think he is a great performer but I wonder if he would be like Taylor Hicks in the sense that people love to see him perform but they are not really going to buy the cd (or music download). I guess only time will tell. I think the talent is great this year but they really need to be more careful about song choice because that is what could get them sent home!

    • Here’s the problem with your comparison of Casey vs. Paul to Taylor Hicks. Taylor Hicks was known for his weird mannerisms, strange facial ticks, and goofy dancing. Paul has all of that. The reason you think Casey reminds you of Taylor is because Taylor also loved singers in the style of Joe Cocker. So, close your eyes and yes, I can see the comparison . . . but watch very closely and Casey is not weird, just quirky.

      I would totally buy Casey Abrams music because he is unique. Did you see him play and sing with that standup bass?????????

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