This picture of King Mabel – unexpected and terrible choice for King of the Ring in 1995 – epitomizes what I think might be the worst era in pro wrestling history (unless we’re counting this current downturn). Diesel as the heavyweight champion was bad when he wasn’t wrestling Bret Hart or the Undertaker and the cheesy gimmicks like The Goon, Duke The Dumster Droese, Sparky Plugg, and more took the focus off good characters like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and Randy Savage for the stupid gimmicks of Damien Demento and Friar Ferguson. So, I’d say the years from late 1993 – late 1995 was the worst era. Thankfully Shawn Michaels saved us in 1996 until Austin and Rock and Mick Foley came along and set the WWE back on course.


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