30 Day Pro Wrestling Challenge – Day Ten: Least Favorite Male Wrestler

Several years ago, I got roped into ring announcing for a independent wrestling promotion in Lancaster, Ohio. It was a really big show that featured Demolition Ax as the featured performer along with a bunch of other really bad indie workers and several NWF wrestlers.

One guy on the card was named “Freebird” Buddy Rose. As the ring announcer, I needed to ask the wrestlers where they wanted to be announced as hailing from. He looked at me like I had three heads and said, “Badstreet, USA, BROTHER!” like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Oh, silly me, sorry, I didn’t realize you thought you were Michael PS Hayes and Buddy Roberts’ love child. Also, do you know there was a very famous wrestler named Buddy Rose who wrestled in Portland and in the WWF who had a bazillion times more talent in his big fat gut than you have in your entire body? This, ladies and gentleman, is the very definition of a wrestletard.

See, its not that this guy is really my least favorite male wrestler. I have a lot of least favorites. Its that he represents what is truly wrong with independent wrestling. He is a goof, with zero talent, that no one with any sense will take seriously . . . yet, many fans, hoping to see a star, might get confused enough by his name and appearance – and yes, his ring music – to think “Oh yeah, I used to watch that guy on TV.” The only time Freebird Buddy Rose will ever appear on TV is on an episode of COPS.

So, there we have it. Will I ever run into this guy again? No, of course not, which is why I’m posting this. But if you do, make sure to have “Badstreet USA” in your music library so he gets his proper entrance.


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