30 Day Pro Wrestling Challenge – Day Eight: Favorite Storyline

Today, I couldn’t even tell you who the champions are or who is feuding with whom (apart from Lawler/Miz/Cole because it involves the great Jerry Lawler). But back in the golden days of the 80s, I knew who hated who. There were so many classic angles back then – Jake Roberts saves his wife from Rick Rude, George the Animal Steele falls for Elizabeth and Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage’s feud birthed from that, but when looking at classic stories the Hogan/Andre story arc has to be thought of as the greatest of all time. From the Pipers Pit segments that set it up to the evil twin refereees on Saturday Night’s Main Event to headlining two Wrestlemanias which led to cementing Randy Savage as a certifiable main eventer and Ted Dibiase as a threat in the title hunt . . . well, it is simply the best.


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