I’m eleven years old in so many ways. When I was actually eleven, I remember fondly listening to 610AM in the early mornings hoping to hear that North Union was closed due to snow. I would curl up under the covers, just keeping my fingers crossed in anticipation. I was so happy when school was closed . . .and I actually enjoyed school a lot! But there was something about having an unscheduled day to do whatever I wanted.

The weird thing is now that I’m my own boss, I shouldn’t really love those days. See, when the weather is bad and no wants to come out to my office I have to cancel my day and therefore lose sometimes a big chunk of money that can’t really be recouped. Yet, still, there’s something wonderful about cozying up under a blanket, watching daytime TV, putting in a DVD, and doing stuff I want to do.

Its really icy out there as I’m writing this (yes, I cheated and am writing this early. Sue me). I’m wondering if I’m going to have a snow day tomorrow. If so, I’m going to be a little more broke but I’ll be a little happy that I have another day to do whatever I want. I know that God will provide even when I start to freak out. He always has. So, if I don’t get to work, I’ll get to look out the window at the wonder of winter and marvel at the mystery of God’s white winter wonderland.

What do you do on snow days?


2 thoughts on “INSPIRATION THURSDAY: Snow Days

  1. First, try to sleep in, and try to get the kids to sleep in 🙂 Then I try to find things that will keep the kids occupied indoors, because I HATE COLD! I do NOT want to go play in the snow. And I hate wet boots and snow gear. It’s such a pain to get on and off, and worse now because the puppy likes to take things.

    So, watch TV and read are the two biggest things I like to do on snow days. If I’m home by myself, hello bed!

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