Today is Groundhog Day so I thought I’d talk about one of my favorite movies, “Groundhog Day.” One of the questions I ask almost every client that comes to see me is, “What is your favorite movie of all time?” Often they want to know mine. I have too many to really pick from but Groundhog Day is often the one I pick.

Its the story of a crotchety, selfish weatherman who discovers true love and as such frees himself from the repetitious day he is reliving quite literally. Its a great comedy starring Bill Murray at his sarcastic best. But ultimately it is a story of redemption.

There are so many things to love about this movie. The supporting characters played by Andie McDowell and Chris Elliott are funny. The townspeople are quirky but not in an overshadowing sort of way to the story or to Murray. And there’s a great sequence where Murray plays piano at a party and blows everyone away. I just smile so big when watching it.

So, if your stuck in the house today due to the snow and need something to do click on your Netflix on your computer or Blu-Ray or Wii and pull up “Groundhog Day” to watch. It is truly one of my favorite things.


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