One of my favorite rides at Walt Disney World, The PeopleMover

People often ask me what my favorite thing at Disney World is. I struggle to pick one. But if I really think back to the trips of my youth and the ride or attraction I’ve experienced the most, I really have to say that the WEDway PeopleMover has always been at the top of my list.


It’s had a few different names; it started as the WEDway People Mover – named after Walt’s engineering division. Then it was changed to the Tomorrowland Transit Authority when that area of the park had a makeover in the early 90s. But just recently it was changed back to the classic PeopleMover title and I’m glad I can call it that again.

Here are some facts about it from the great AllEarNet.com:

    Take a 10-minute journey around and through Tomorrowland, seated in a revolutionary transportation system. At least that’s how it was thought of when it opened in the Magic Kingdom in 1975. Using linear induction motors, the vehicles glide with ease in an environmentally safe manner. Each section has five cars that travel at 10 feet per second except at the loading and unloading station where it travels at 2.7 feet per second.
    To reach the loading platform you will step onto a moving conveyor belt that is at a steep incline. The loading platform moves at the same speed as the vehicles, so you can step inside easily. Each vehicle can seat four, two riding forward and two riding backward.
    Although the taking of photos is difficult, since you’re constantly moving, the view is exceptional.

When I return to the World in March, I will ride the PeopleMover a couple of times; its about as relaxing as anything in all of Disney World and its one of my favorite things!

See ya tomorrow for THEATER THURSDAY!


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