David Vaughan, preaching about The One at Whitewater Crossing Christian Church

Today’s FAVORITE THING is actually a person.  David Vaughan, my pastor, is someone I look up to and admire, appreciate, and love very much.  Let me tell you why.

I grew up going to church and had a few different preachers throughout my childhood.  Ellis Wesner at the Marion Church of Christ was a very nice man and I have fond memories of him but I was very young.   There was Maynard Moser and Matt Terry at Richwood Church of Christ and they were decent men who I believe loved God and loved people.  But they were my preachers.  I don’t know that i can say I ever really had a pastor until now.

The word pastor refers to someone who is a “shepherd of souls.”  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that David Vaughan is concerned about the state of my soul and wants to shepherd me and the rest of our congregation.  Don’t misunderstand; he’s a brilliant preacher.  He has a comfortable style that is relatable to all but also goes deep into the word and spiritual concepts so that folks like me who are Bible-college educated still learn new things from him.  From the first time we had a conversation to yesterday when we had lunch – has always radiated authenticity. He’s funny, he’s warm, and he is my friend.

From very early on in our relationship he has encouraged me to get plugged in at WCCC in a variety of ministries and has remained encouraging to me.   He genuinely cares and is interested in my life and my work and my walk.  I love him very much and am so glad God allowed our paths to cross at a time when I needed to reignite my spiritual passions.  For all these reasons and many more, David Vaughan is one of my favorite people.

We’ll see you tomorrow with a movie review of THE GREEN HORNET!  See ya then.


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