I had high hopes for this film. I mean, this is the follow-up project of Darren Aronofsky after “The Wrestler,” a movie I loved for its gritty realism and subject matter that is close to my heart.  Perhaps its that I don’t understand ballet as an artform or that I don’t fully understand eating disorders (its one of the few issues that immediately gets referred out of my practice to someone who ‘gets it.’)  This movie is about eating disorders, right? At least a little?  Whatever the reason, I found this movie to be a huge disappointment.

It wasn’t a complete fail, though.  Aronofsky is very good at featuring his lead actors with camera angles that show them at their most gorgeously vulnerable.  Like Mickey Rourke in “The Wrestler,” Natalie Portman shines brightly.  She might be the best actress of my generation and is certainly one of the most beautiful.  She takes this impossible-to-follow, overly symbolistic and meandering film and proves why she has been an Oscar contender time after time.  She is a phenomenal thespian.  I would have love to have seen what she could have done with a movie that actually made sense.

I guess I can’t connect with a film that keeps you guessing as to what is real and what is psychosis.  I can’t connect with a film that never fully explains itself and I can’t deal with a movie that tries too hard to be edgy and sacrifices logic, reason, and good storytelling for it.  The “Black Swan” is not a good movie but it does feature a brilliant actress.

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