FAVORITE THINGS WEDNESDAY: Cincinnati Popcorn and More

When I first opened my business, there were several empty units in the building.  Eventually a Greek restaurant opened but it closed within months.  Shortly after that, though, I heard that a new business was moving in – and it would be called “Cincinnati Popcorn & More.”  I got excited but it was several more months before they were open.

When they finally did open, I couldn’t wait to try the popcorn.  Its amazing.  I love the cheddar cheese the most I guess, but there’s some awesome unique flavors like Buckeye, Apple, Cinnamon and then the others like Dill Pickle and Cincinnati Chili.

But its not just popcorn.  They also have delicious caramels, dried Cherry fruit clusters, and chocolate covered potato chips.  Yes, that’s right, chocolate covered potato chips.  There’s just so many options its hard to narrow it down, but I can say without a doubt Dan and Tina and their delicious popcorn are definitely one my favorite things.

No, they are not helping me with my diet and fitness resolution of 2011.  But they do make me very happy.  Come out to Harrison and visit them and tell them I sent you.  You won’t be sorry.

Find them online at Cincinnati Popcorn and More.


2 thoughts on “FAVORITE THINGS WEDNESDAY: Cincinnati Popcorn and More

  1. Congratulations, Kirk, you made me want cheddar cheese popcorn at 9:46 AM.

    I hope to try Cincinnati Popcorn & More sometime soon. I don’t know why, but I’m a little ashamed that I want to try the Cincinnati Chili flavor…

    • Why are you ashamed? That one isn’t bad if you like Skyline or Gold Star . . . I don’t care for the real thing so I’ve not tried the popcorn version… but everything they do there is excellent!

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