I ordinarily despise westerns. This makes going to my Mom’s house difficult as the TV is always turned to either RFD-TV (trust me, if you don’t know what that is you wouldn’t get anything out of it) and the Western channel. My mom loves Gunsmoke. And I just never got it.

However, after seeing “True Grit,” I might have to qualify my loathing of all things western and be more open minded. What a great movie this was! It had its funny moments, a good revenge story, an easy to follow plot, and very well developed distinct characters.

Jeff Bridges, when I could understand him, was brilliant as usual. Matt Damon is quickly becoming one of my favorite Hollywood mainstream actors and this role again demonstrated his range, sense of humor and timing, and movie-star presence. And this young actress, Hailee Steinfeld, is a tour de force and should find herself Tinsel Town’s Next Big Thing.

If you haven’t seen this, you should. Its a tad violent, but that’s what a good Western should be, right? Now I need to see the original to see how John Wayne interpreted Rooster Cogburn and better yet – I should probably read the book!

Did you see it? What did you think? Leave your comments here on the Blog or on FaceBook!


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