I am hooked on this series of novels!

I have always loved to read. In fact, the reason I wear glasses is probably largely due to the fact that I used to sit and read entire chapters of books without looking up – something my eye doctor said was a very bad idea.

Well, once I got to college I stopped reading for pleasure (and honestly barely read for school unless I absolutely had to… they can’t take back my degrees now, can they? If so, forget I said that.)

Then in the big boom of professional wrestling, all these famous wrestlers started putting out autobiographies and I started to devour them.  I also discovered John Grisham and fell in love with the legal thrillers he writes.

And then I came across James Patterson and his Alex Cross and Women’s Murder Club series and read them on my Kindle.  However, I had a client tell me about her favorite series of books and it sounded like something I’d enjoy.  Man, oh man, that client is in trouble because she has gotten me hooked on Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series.

Stephanie Plum is the heroine in these fast-paced, easy to read novels.  She is a reluctant bounty hunter who is certainly more lucky than she is good in the mystery-solving business.  She also has a crazy family, including a grandmother who pries open caskets at the funeral parlor to see the bodies.  She has an ex-hooker named Lula for a partner and the trouble they get into is hysterical.  Stephanie is also involved with two men – who are different, yet both dangerous in their own ways.  I am currently reading Lean Mean Thirteen and find that I get emotionally wrapped up in these stories.

Evanovich uses humor so well and yet her mysteries are not so predictable that I roll my eyes.  The characters are very well developed and I genuinely find myself caring about them when engrossed in my iPad’s Kindle.  They are hard to put down yet easy to pick up when I have a few spare minutes at a restaurant or while waiting around for appointments.

Just a disclosure for some of my readers:  these are not necessarily books that would pass the WOULD MY MOM ENJOY THIS test.  There’s some coarse language and Stephanie is a modern woman in that she is not prudish about her sexuality.  I would say these books are much less explicit than romance novels, yet this isn’t Christian Fiction.  They are hilarious, though, and I find myself chuckling out loud at times when I read certain events contained within.  They have become one of my favorite things!

I highly recommend this series for its escapism and time-wasting potential.  If you’ve ever read them, try to comment without leaving any spoilers for those who are not familiar.  I would look forward to hearing from those of you who are fans of Evanovich and her work in the comments and/or on FaceBook!


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