My Trip to the Zoo 9.17.10

I was going to meet my friend Connie after she got off work at 4, so I decided to go spend the day at the zoo, which was literally a block from her job.  I had a wonderful time.  Here are some photos of my day.

The escalator up to the bridge across Vine street was closed.  The zoo is really a beautiful place to visit.

There was hardly anyone visiting the zoo, which was wonderful for me as I felt like I had the place to myself.

First stop: The elephants!

After I hung out with these ladies at brunch, I walked over to see their bull.  He was not happy to be outside the building and stood at the door swaying back and forth impatiently waiting to go in.  At one point, he even “knocked” on the door with his head.

After this were the giraffes.

Notice the house in the background? I am always baffled at how the zoo has managed to grow and be so wonderful in its theming while located in the middle of a busy urban residential area not far from what most people would call a ghetto.

My next stop was the Children’s Zoo area, which had just opened.  I figured I might see these children in their natural environment better early.  Lo and behold there weren’t actually any “children” on display . . .just animals.  Strange.


This little guy was being very playful with the zoo keeper who came in to pet him.

After this area, I went over by some monkeys. I LOVE monkeys.

Then I went to the reptile house.

Our zoo is really very beautiful.  This habitat for some different types of monkeys is cool and peaceful to sit by until the monkeys start to chase one another and squawk at each other.

Next up was the Cat House.  The aroma reminded me of when I used to do home visits for my job . . . not a good thing.

Then, my favorite exhibit – the Gorillas.

Lots of cool insects up next:

Part of the zoo that I think gets overlooked is the vegetation and flowers.  The landscaping is beautiful.

They are already getting ready for Festival of Lights, as you can see here:

Next was the Nocturnal House, which my pictures of course didn’t look good and I would never dream of using my flash in there  After that is the Dragons! exhibit:

Then a couple of beautiful female lionesses:

And a Black Rhino:

And then what was probably my favorite exhibit apart from the gorillas, the manatees:

Another reminder that we are in the middle of the city:

This is from the backside of the lions exhibit. You could hear the traffic whipping by up and down the street.  So surreal.

And the day was coming to an end as I walked through more exhibits.  These guys looked like I felt:

It was fascinating to watch these two interact as the one was picking bugs off the other.

If you know me at all, you know how hard it was to go into this building to get this picture.  I am terrified of birds flying around in open areas.

I love the sea lions!

As I ended my day, I went back to the Gorillas and watched them for a long time.

All in all, it was an excellent day and I am glad to have a membership so I can back anytime I want until the end of September 2011, including the Festival of Lights at Christmas time!

More photos are available in my Facebook albums.


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