Movie Review: The A-Team

I’m a child of the 80’s and I love the A-Team. Looking back now, the comedy of Murdoch, the wit of Faceman, and the sarcasm of Hannibal were much more important than the cheesy action scenes. And to have such layers of good vs. evil and the misguided good/badness of the General chasing them . . . well, I dare say it was ahead of its time.

So, I was looking forward to the movie version since I heard they were making it.

And I was NOT disappointed. I cannot wait for the sequel. The casting was nearly perfect. Bradley Cooper WAS Face. Murdock WAS Murdock. And I could barely understand Rampage Jackson, much like Mr. T. The only change I’d make would be to use someone else for Hannibal. I love Liam Neeson. He was credible in Taken, and great it nearly everything he’s done. But he wasn’t Hannibal. Of course, I don’t know WHO could do Hannibal any better than George Peppard without letting me down, since he was my favorite character in the show. But I didn’t dislike this enough to hurt the movie for me.

I recommend you go see it. Shut your brain off if you’re a “they couldn’t do that in real life” kind of person and enjoy the subtle comedy bits and blatant references to the 80’s show. It was 2 hours well spent.


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