Idol Review – Frank Sinatra Night

Aaron Kelly – started out rough – nerves? – and he never really did get much better. It wasn’t horrible, but it was definitely not his best performance. The judges must be hearing something different than I was. C-

Casey James – Wooden, a little off pitch, and more nervous than usual. What is wrong with these kids tonight? Randy and Ellen were right. Kara is an idiot. Simon nailed it. Next. D

Crystal Bowersox – She’s so incredibly good. What else is there to say. Randy is about as dumb as any person on Earth. The other judges want her to win so bad that I think they are purposely giving her bad comments to make people vote for her. A+

Michael Lynche – Pretty good! I think he’s as consistent as Crystal, but the judges want a girl winner so badly this year. You know those guys that sit on the sidewalks and in hotels in touristy areas and draw charicatures? Randy Jackson is a living charaicature. A+

Lee Dwyze – I thought this was one of his better performances. He looked very comfortable up there. Gosh, can we please vote Kara and Randy off this show!? Very good. A+

Harry Connick Jr. was tremendous in every way and I loved this episode. If I had to pick who was going home based on tonight I’d say Aaron, but based on history I’d say goodbye Casey.

Hopefully I don’t get voted off tomorrow night as I’m going home to sing at the church I grew up in… see ya all next week!


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