Idol Results Top 6

Well, I was a bit skeptical about Shania Twain; I honestly thought she had like 2 songs. But I was way wrong.

Lee Dwyze – D+ – He was off key completely throughout. I don’t know how any of these judges liked this! It was awful!

Michael Lynche – A – He’s just solidly consistent and is like an in-shape Reuben with a personality.

Casey James – A+ – I loved this. I knew he’d do well this week and I was right.

Crystal Bowersox – A- – There was nothing wrong with this and it would fit nicely in the middle of her set as a filler piece. It just wasn’t as powerful as some of her other stuff. She’s still going to win, though, and Simon was wrong . .. the rest of the judges didn’t NOT like it, they just didn’t like it as much as her other stuff.

Aaron Kelly – A- – I like him very much. He did a great job and shut up some of those people who don’t get why he’s still here.

Siobhan Magnus – F – I HATED every last second of this. She sings through her nose and doesn’t project until she’s screaming! Why won’t someone make her stop doing that!?!? It felt sooo inauthentic to hear her singing it in a country vein. She needs to sing rock and she needs to belt it out. She’s not a good singer. It sucked and I’m sick of her at this point and the judges are stupid for encouraging this.

Overall a great show until the end. Please please send her home.


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