Idol Thoughts Top 7

This will be brief because I’m exhausted and frankly underwhelmed by the show…

Casey gets a B+. He’s not going to do anything different, nor should he because this is working. Now, if he gets bottom 3 then he might change it up a bit but he’s smarter than he lets on and reminds me of Taylor HIcks (whom I grew to love watching the Idol Rewind shows and hearing him talk strategy re: the judges.. basically he didn’t care what they said and did what he wanted. By the way, he won.)

Lee Dwyze gets a B. I didn’t like it very much.

Tim Urban gets a C-. He is average at best.

Aaron Kelly gets a B+. He took a cheesy song, which of course he would pick being a cheesy 16 year old, and sang it well. It was too fast, though, but thats because of time constraints I’m sure.

Siobhan Magnus gets a B-. She didn’t sing this poorly, but the judges just have no idea what to do with her because she won’t stay in a little box. I think she should do more rock stuff but good for her for just doing what she wants and not taking their guff.

Michael Lynche gets a B+. Simon is stupid for not liking the song because it was from Spiderman. What was up with that. Here he does something outside his norm and they yell at him to get back in his box. The opposite of Casey. The judges are stupid.

Crystal Bowersox gets an A+. Raw emotion is always good especially when it doesn’t ruin the song. I love this song anyway and she’s just a total pro who seems to be finding herself more and more on this show.

Bye bye SIobhan or maybe Tim.


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