Mo'Nique's Brother on Oprah

So I just watched today’s Oprah Winfrey show featuring Mo’Nique’s family talking about the issue of sexual abuse in their family. I have mixed feelings, but I’m mostly glad that it has opened up the door for discussion about the topic.

On one hand, I am a little skeptical of the brother’s motives going on television to apologize for his actions in the past as well as his family – who say they haven’t talked to her in two years – as it feels sensationalistic and opportunistic.

BUT I also think Mo’Nique has some issues that might cause the family not to interact with her. She has probably set some boundaries for herself that maybe exceptionally rigid and that’s for her to decide but if her family needs to make a public statement to defend themselves, then they have that right.

I think my biggest response to the whole episode was that we need to remember that many perpeetrators were also victims themselves and that absolutely does not excuse their behavior BUt it does sometimes explain it. We have GOT to stop allowing people to continue the cycle of abuse and we have GOT to stop treating all sexual abuse the same.

A 19 year old boy who sleeps with his 15 year old girlfriend – while inappropriate – should not be treated with the same sex offense laws as a 50 year old creeper who touches a elementary school students who live down the block. But SEX OFFENDER on a web site blankets them all in the same breath and thats not right.

I don’t know, there’s a lot of stuff here to digest and this is a poorly written blog but I just wanted to throw some raw thoughts out there to hear what you all think.

So… respond.


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