Idol Top 9 Part Deux – Elvis Night

Crystal Bowersox – Great song, she didn’t seem as comfortable with the electric guitar and was too obvious looking at it . . . but still, she’s terrific! A

Andrew Garcia – It was OK. Not bad, but he has just not figured out what is good yet. B

Tim Urban – Again, just OK. His guitar work was good, but he’s not ready for this level of competition. The judges are smoking crack OR they’re just trying to get rid of him by using reverse psychology. C+

Lee Dwyze – His voice has gotten 10x better since he learned to sing on key and he didn’t look nervous again this week. Good for him. A-

Aaron Kelly – How you can listen to him sing like this and say he doesn’t belong here is ridiculous. But I know people will. Now, he looked like a REALLY REALLY good talent show contestant. But the point is REALLY REALLY GOOD. B+

Siobhan Magnus – This is my favorite Elvis song. She was less nasally tonight, but still hasn’t recaptured the magic of some of her earlier stuff like House of the Rising Sun and Paint it Black. But much improved over the last couple of weeks. B- Up to an A- for her amazing rebuttal to the judges.

Michael Lynche – Last week was a fluke. I have to believe that everyone just assumed he was safe so they didn’t vote for him. Because he’s tremendous. He proved it again tonight. A+

Katie Stevens – She wants to know what we want her to do? Sing like this every time. Stop listening to the stupid judges nonsense and just sing what feels natural to you. And good way to channel your emotion. A-

Casey James – Consistent. Like Crystal, you can just count on him to do his thing. Very good. I don’t know what the judges want him to do… he does THIS and he’s good at THIS. Why should he do something else? When Siobhan tries something besides THIS they tell her she sucks. They are so stupid. Let me replace Simon, please!! Casey gets an A for being good and an A+ for not telling Kara and Simon off for being stupid.

Final thoughts: I love Adam Lambert, he was a great mentor. I thought the show was pretty good from top to bottom. I think that Andrew and maybe Siobhan are going home. . . but it’ll be a close call based solely on tonight’s performances.


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