Idol Recap – Top 9 – Beatles Night

Aaron Kelly – I like this kid enough to hope he stays around but he’s had a couple rough weeks. Still it wasn’t terrible no matter what my friend Rachel says. 🙂 C-

Katie Stevens – Started out strong and stayed there. Good for her! A-

Andrew Garcia – I kinda liked this. He sang it well and made it different enough. Good work. Why is Kara so annoying tonight? B+

Michael Lynche – interesting arrangement… He is really growing on me because I think he truly is the real deal. I loved the string section out on stage with him too. Simon got this wrong. A

Crystal Bowersox – So good it’s just becoming old hat. Simon told her not to take too much of a risk last week… I’m glad he didn’t contradict himself tonight. He often does. Ernie seems cool 🙂 A+

Tim Urban – Stop with the SMILING FUN CRAP! He is as bad if not worse than Danny Gokey was with the inspiring nonsense. The thing that truly bugs me is that I think he is actually naive enough to believe he is coming off as sincere… And worse than that he really probably is this big of a cheeseball! Oh yeah the singing. It was alright tonight I guess. C+

Casey James – Fantastic. Just really great. Wow, color me impressed. A+

Siobhan Magnus – Don’t they teach these contestants not to sing through their noses? This was a disaster at first…and didn’t get any better, which is a shame. I like her when she’s belting but not when she’s being nasally tender. Shame. D-

Lee Dwyze – His new found confidence is evident and it makes him more likable. Is it wrong to say that I hate this song? Connie will tell me I’m sure. He did it well I gotta tell ya. The bagpipes were a bit much but good for him for playing to the crowd and doing really great. This is a concert song if I ever heard one. A

Well if I was voting solely on tonights performances I’d say goodbye to Siobhan, but I’m not so goodbye Katie or Tim.


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