Idol Results

Well, first of all, Usher was terrible. Didn’t he used to be good? Maybe I was too young to notice but this was pathetic.

It sounds like they are letting the contestants sing whatever they want as their “save me save me” song. This is a good idea as it gives them a fighting chance. Didi has an Ani DiFranco quality to her voice! That’s what it is! I finally figured out why I liked her. Sorta. But she couldn’t win this show so I’m glad they put her out of her misery. As my friend Connie said, I hope they offered her counseling upon her departure because I think she’s going to need it for the PTSD she suffered from this experience…

Anyway, I called it. 🙂 See ya next week for another Beatles night . . . they tried this before and totally ruined it with their 2nd night of it so we’ll see what they do with it.


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