American Idol Results

These four got sent home?!

I’m agitated tonight.  The choices America made are stupid, short sighted, and tasteless.  Tim Urban, for instance, is the worst contestant this season – yet he’s still there.  Paige Miles can’t sing her way through anything and yet she’s there.  Meanwhile, Lilly and Alex who have two very distinct voices are gone.  Katelyn Epperly is a talented keyboardist and singer and she’s going home.  Toddrick, who could bring some real entertainment to this show this, goes bye bye.  But we’re keeping Andrew Garcia?  We’re keeping Katie Stevens?  I just don’t get it.  I hope the country understands that when the theme shows suck because all these contestants and boring and sing predictable crap, it is all their fault.

I’m going to watch The Office now.


2 thoughts on “American Idol Results

  1. I completely agree, Kirk! As I said on Facebook, a LOT of WRONG decisions were made tonight…this is what happens when immature little teenagers are allowed to be in possession of cell phones!

  2. This same thing happens every year. At least one contestant who is doing well gets booted off unexpectedly; except this time it was a bit premature. I have a slight feeling that this is all done on purpose for ratings and that it’s predetermined who will win anyhow. I could be wrong but something tells me I’m right. Kind of similar to how we see a lot of crapy auditions on TV but in reality all of those people would be weeded out in the several auditions contestants go through before actually getting to the celeb judges. It’s all about ratings and MONEY! Oh well it’s practically the only good thing on television.

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