American Idol Top 8 Boys

Lee Dwyze – C+ – Better tonight, but still way overrated.

Alex Lambert – A- – I loved this, but at times he sounded nasally.

Tim Urban – B+ – Much improved, but he’s still weak.

Andrew Garcia – A- – I really enjoyed this much more than his last couple.

Casey James – A – I’ve been hard on Casey but this was good.

Aaron Kelly – B+ – He did a nice job and at his age he shows good promise.  By the way, Simon gets an A+ for shutting Kara up and realizing what they’re doing to these kids with their stupid advice.

Toddrick Hall – A – I thought this was great.

Mike Lynche – B+ – I thought it was too over the top but I do like that he’s shown so many different styles, though.  I’m not sure it was as good as the judges say, but it was good.

Going home:  On the boys, it’ll be tough.  I wish it was Lee, but it probably won’t be.  I guess Tim and Andrew or Aaron will probably go.  For last night’s review, listen to the archived podcast at . . . but bye bye to Katie and Paige, most likely, though I hate to admit I was wrong about Katie winning the whole thing . . .


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