Day Three: Le Cellier and Who Knows What!

I woke up a little later than I did yesterday, but still had plenty of time. There was already a bit of a line of people wanting to go to Epcot at the bus stop and we waited for about 10 minutes before the bus came.

After we disembarked, I already knew I was in for a long day as my feet hurt and I was having trouble walking very fast. Luckily I wasn’t in any hurry.

The kept us behind the turnstiles until about 5 til 9. Then they let us in the park and I began a picture taking frenzy of the topiaries of Donald, Goofy, and Daisy camping and fishing. They’re really great and HUGE! I even had a photopass guy take my picture with my iPhone, though he wasn’t thrilled with it.

I walked in and decided to ride Spaceship Earth since there was no line and it was open. After this, I headed in to get my picture taken with Mickey. Then, I walked over to The Land for breakfast. I had a chocolate crossaint and chocolate milk to tide me over until lunch.

I then rode Living with the Land and noticed they are putting a coy pond in the greenhouse. Not sure why, but its pretty.

After this, I rode Journey into Imagination with Figment and it is harmless, though obviously doesn’t hold a candle to the original. After I rode this I sat and watched the jumping water for awhile before heading towards more beautiful flowers that needed their picture taken.

I took a family photo of a young couple in front of the American Gothic topiary and then asked them to take one of me, which seemed to put the princess out a bit.

Whatever, take the picture, honey. Then you and your emasculated husband can continue spending his money around the World Showcase Lagoon.

I then headed to Canada where I took more pictures and waited patiently for Le Cellier to open. I checked in about 11:15 and was seated about 11:35, which was 10 minutes before my reservation time.

The waiter was good; he knew I’d been there before and didn’t need to tell me everything about the place or the menu. The Coke tasted like Diet and he confirmed something was weird but didn’t know what it was or how to fix it. It wasn’t terrible so I drank it. I had a bowl of Cheddar Cheese soup (with plenty of pretzel bread to dip in it) and the New York Strip Steak. Both were great, though I will say that the steak didn’t look very appealing. I’m not sure what was up with the color, but it just didn’t look like what I think a steak should look like. It was very tasty though and cooked perfectly, as always.

After lunch, I headed back to the front of the park and went towards the Animal Kingdom. I have a friend who works at the park and in order to keep him from getting in trouble that’s all I’ll say about that. He was able to get away from his duties for a few minutes to speak to me and it was nice to see him.

I walked back to Flights of Wonder and decided to face my bird-phobia again by watching this very entertaining and educational show. Its hilarious and informative and the I knew where to sit as to not be attacked by any birds. So, all was good.

After the show, I went back to the Wildlife Express to see Rafiki’s Planet Watch. What a neat place; I wish there were more things going on that I was interested in. I did get to see a couple of people working on fixing a turtle’s broken shell, which was neat. Another cast member gave a talk about an baby alligator she was holding. I was really tired so I wanted to go back to the room.

It is a long walk from Africa to the exit and then to the bus stop. We didn’t wait long for a bus, thankfully. I laid down for a few minutes and recharged and decided to end my night at the Magic Kingdom since it was open til 10.

I had to stand on the bus ride over because it was so busy. I already knew I was in trouble. I walked in and it was packed. I waited in line at Casey’s while the girl behind the counter took an order and then filled it. And then she took another one and filled it. Then she got some help, so common sense says she’d take an order and let the girl fill it while she took another order. BUT I chose this line so of course this girl took an order and then stood there while her friend filled the order. Doing nothing. Just waiting. Staring into space. Occassionally joking with another cast member. My patience was waning.

I got my hot dog and couldn’t find a place to eat it. I finally found a concrete pillar about 100 yards from the restaurant and was able to scarf down the delicious hot dog before stopping to listen to the ragtime piano player for a bit. Then I headed to Adventureland, where I walked through the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. I hadn’t been up here for years. I doubt I’ll ever go back unless they make it into something else. Too much climbing, too confined, and too boring.

I then watched the Enchanted Tiki Bird show. Its so bizarre and I enjoy watching the other people’s reactions to the craziness of singing tiki poles and Gloria Estafan music.

I headed into Frontierland and grabbed a spot for Spectromagic, but there were these two obnoxious little girls who’s parents paid no attention to that kept stepping on me and kicking me and generally causing me irritation. So, I got up and walked back to Adventureland looking for a Dole Whip Float.

Of course I found one. And I ate it. And I loved it.

I was really tired and thought I better head back to the resort before I was so tired I couldn’t move at all. I fought my way up Main Street and was fascinated about the number of people still coming in with only 2 hours left, but I guess on a Saturday night that makes sense. I had to stand on the bus again and it seemed like it took forever to get back to the room.

I finally got back in the room and literally had to lay on the bed for 10 minutes before I even had the ability to get up and pack. I need to rethink my shoes.

Oh! I forgot to mention this yesterday in the report and it really is pretty funny. I decided on this trip due to the weather and because I really like these black slacks I bought, I was going to dress more business casual than normal. Usually I’m in shorts at Disney but its cold so I’d be in jeans. But not this trip.

So, I wore black slacks and a nice long sleeved shirt and my new leather jacket. And I was stopped no less than 8 times yesterday by other guests asking where the bathroom was or other questions. I always politely told them that I didn’t work there but I could probably help them. Some of them were embarrassed. Others were mildly apologetic.

But one woman was angry with me. Essentially she told me that I shouldn’t dress like that if I didn’t work there and she harumphed her way off into the sunset. I did manage to tell her where an imaginary bathroom was that I hope she spent at least 5 minutes looking for.

Don’t mess with me.

So, the Magical Express departs for me at 6:15 AM. I’m sure I’ll be checking in on Facebook and twitter yet tomorrow at the airport. I genuinely appreciate all of your comments and kind words throughout this trip. While I don’t get lonely on these solo trips, it has felt like all of you were with me on this journey and that did make it better. Thanks!


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