Day Two: My ACTUAL Birthday!

I woke up about 7 in a fantastic mood and was ready to head to the Magic Kingdom. The bus was actually pretty crowded, which I was surprised about given how early it was but several folks it seemed went to the Contemporary or Polynesian for breakfast. After the always entertaining opening show (this time it was the Mayor who did the honors) we all headed into the park.

I was surprised about the number of people who must have taken my advice from last year and got breakfast at the bakery. In all honesty, I think last year the actual Bakery was under refurbishment and people weren’t interested in the other options next door in the ice cream parlor. I had a gigantic cinnamon roll and found a nice quiet spot next to Uptown Jewlers underneath the “vocal lessons.” I finished up before the Keys to the Kingdom tour came by but just in the nick of time. I decided to go to Tomorrowland and ride the Tomorrowland Transit Authority.

It was kind of chilly! After this, I walked through some of the stores and headed to Mickey’s Philharmagic. I encountered a nice young family here on their first visit and they had lots of questions. I gave them some short term guidance for the rest of their morning and wished them well.

I decided to go sit in front of the castle and watch the Dream Along with Mickey show for the first time. I’ve seen it as I’ve walked past, but I’ve never actually WATCHED it. Its exactly what a castle show should be – cheesy singing and dancing featuring Mickey and friends, some princesses, and other Disney classic characters.

After it was over, I headed to the Plaza where I had reservations. I was disappointed that the front facade was under construction so there were no views of the castle. Actually, there was no natural light at all. Oh well. I had a burger and fries and the nice waiter (who was trying to hard) was kind enough to bring me a cupcake. He also decided to announce to the entire restaurant that I was dining alone and needed them all to sing to me. This was embarrassing but whatever. It did involve a free cupcake so no harm no foul. I do hope he wouldn’t announce that a lady was traveling alone, though, because that could be a safety issue. Not being sexist, but lets be realistic – no attacker, especially a Disney one, would target me. Right?

After lunch, I walked over to Pirates but it was down for “technical difficulties.” I walked through the shop in honor of Connie and then checked back and indeed the ride was back open. I walked right on.

Then I walked through Frontierland and browsed the pin store. Didn’t see anything I was dying to have so I walked back up to Main Street. My feet were beginning to hurt and I could feel my brain start fading so I took a bus back to the hotel for a quick break. Given the mass amount of people trying to get into the Magic Kingdom at noon, I think I made a good choice to get out when I did.

I was only at the hotel for about 90 minutes before I decided to go to the Studios and spend some time there. I got to the Studios and the Streetsmophere characters preparing the crowd for the Block Party Bash. I went to scope the line for a photo op with Mickey and it was crowded. I was also surprised at the lack of other characters in the building. Frozone was finishing his set and the Up characters were on break, but usually Pluto or Pinnochio or someone else is in the building. There was no one around.

I decided to go see the Prince Caspian attraction; what a waste. At least with the Lion, Witch, Warddrobe featured a live performer. This was just video clips in a big room with a broken stone table in the way of the exit. Oh well, live and learn.

I was hungry so I went to the ABC Commissary and ordered the great Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich they have – without the garden or the Bleu Cheese. It took forever, but when it came it was good and hot and fresh and tasted great dipped in the BBQ sauce.

After this, I watched Voyage of the Little Mermaid, followed by the 5:00 showing of American Idol, and then I made it in time for the 5:30 showing of Indiana Jones. The park closed at 7 so I decided to go to Epcot via the boat. I had to stand from DHS to the Swan, but after that the boat cleared out and I was able to sit. I walked around the France Pavillion and didn’t know there was so much there I’d not seen. I then was able to catch the last few minutes of Jose Feliciano’s set. He and the band sounded great and I wish I had gotten there earlier or a little later so I could have heard more of that set or his next but I was too tired and cold to stand in line and wait for the next show.

I walked around the World Showcase and took some photos and just relaxed. I was super tired and my left foot was starting to get a blister so I decided to head to the bus. Epcot’s bus station is massive and the Pop Century stop is so far away. I debated taking another cab but though I’d tough it out.

I got to the bus stop and there wasn’t a big crowd, which was good. And then I saw an elderly couple in dueling motorized scooters racing for the line. I rolled my eyes, because I knew the bus would have to load them both up first and I wanted to sit down.

And then the older lady tipped her scooter over.

So, luckily they didn’t make it in time for the bus to even load them up.

OK, that’s terrible. I went over to help along with several other men and we picked her up and she said she was OK. This incident reminded me of the baffling fact that there are NO cast members anywhere around at these bus stops until a bus comes. There should have been a report taken at the very least or a medic called to check her out. I told our bus driver when he pulled up what happened and he went over and talked to the woman, but that just didn’t seem good enough. There should be a cast member or security or something within 100 feet of guests at all times and I’m going to email Disney about this later.

I got back to the hotel and really wanted something to eat but the food court was packed. So, I got some pretzels out of the vending machine and downed a Cherry Coke before writing this report and then going to bed.

Tomorrow: Lunch at Le Cellier and no other agenda . . .we’ll see where the day takes me!


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