Why I Choose Disney

The other day someone asked me (and its certainly not an uncommon question) why I go to Disney so often. “Isn’t there anywhere else you’re interested in seeing?” I’m asked frequently.

So, while I don’t feel like I need to defend myself at all, I would like to share with you this morning just a couple of the many reasons why I frequent Disney World as often as I do.

One, its convenient. A two hour flight to a place that I know how to navigate well that doesn’t require me to drive is a great vacation option. Its low stress for me because I know it so well. If I were to go somewhere new (and I do have vague plans for trips in the future to Las Vegas, New York City, and Washington DC) I would be anxious about all the details and transportation and so on. That doesn’t mean I won’t go do that, but especially on a 3 day jaunt like this one, the lack of anxiety is helpful.

Secondly, its relatively cheap for me. Just like Costco and Sam’s Club, the way I do Disney (in volume) is cheaper for me. I have an annual pass, which will expire in September. It cost around $500. A 4 day pass is close to $250. So, if I go for 8 days a year I’ve paid for the trip. Not only that, but I get significant discounts on hotel rooms because of having the AP, which brings the price down again. Add in dining discounts and a vast knowledge of how to have fun here on a budget because of my experience, its a low-cost option for me.

Finally, I love it. In my job, I hear a lot of emotional and often sad stories. One of the many ways I cope with that is to escape to a fantasy world where everyone is happy and joyous. I love it at Disney; I truly do. The little kid who lives in my heart embraces the magic in a way that many of you unfortunately can’t understand. I wish you could. You’re missing out.

So, there’s just a few of the reasons I choose Disney World. And I will continue to do so mainly because I can.


2 thoughts on “Why I Choose Disney

  1. I’m so glad you explained! I was talking about it with my friend Julie the other day as to why you go to Disney so often, so we thought we might ask you the next time we see you. Now we don’t have to! Great thing to do, go somewhere that is low stress for you. Makes everything so enjoyable. I hate stress!

  2. Hey Kirk, I totally agree with you! I’ve been to disney many times and can definitely say that it is a very magical, happy place. I can honestly say that I have never had a bad experience at any of the disney hotels or parks and it is very hassel free. I think that, for mental health professionals like us vacations are not a luxury, but a necessity to maintain our own mental health. Have fun!!

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