Day One Continued

And we weren’t the first stop.  We were the second, though.  I was so ready to get off that bus. I’m not sure what it was but I was getting more car sick than normal. 

I walked into the Pop Century and there was not a soul checking in anywhere. The nice Chinese girl at the online check-in counter had me taken care of in about 30 seconds. The longest part was giving me my birthday button and having me write my name on it.  There was also not a soul in the Concierge line so I was able to get my dining reservations printed quickly.  I walked to my room, which is in the 1970’s section.  This is my favorite section of the resort and my room opens out into a giant foosball table. I’m on the corner next to the giant Big Wheel. I’m loving it.

I wanted to try to go to the Animal Kingdom before it closed and try to catch Festival of the Lion King at least before my 5:45 dinner reservations at Boma.  The bus took forrrrrrever to arrive, but when it did it was me and a nice family with a cute little girl named Grace.

As we tried to disembark the bus, these idiots were standing in the way and wouldn’t move.  So, me – being Ted Miller’s grandson (trust me, if you knew him you’d understand) got them to move with a little assertiveness.  I was polite at first but things got a little ugly quickly.

There were about 15 in their party basically lined up in the wrong direction and therefore blocking the exit for me and the nice family I shared a bus with. After I asked the first time and was greeted with blank sneers I pushed through and explained that the line was over to my right and the old man said “Excuse me, sir, but you are wrong.” His hoochie mama daughter said something about “he’s so big, yada yada.”  I’m not sure what her point was but in this particular argument, my size was irrelevant, stupid, and most of all obvious. I stopped, pointed to the guard rail that was between me and the Animal Kingdom, therefore preventing me from going his way (for safety reasons as it was used by the buses) and I started to explain this in simple yet sarcastic English. Then the cast member confirmed I was right and made them all move while I smiled and walked on. Happy Birthday to me!

I was pretty hungry so I had some breadsticks at Pizzafari and sat to wait for the parade.  I was too late to get a very good spot staked out and quickly got tired of the palm tree scratching my neck and the guy in front of me moving around so much that I walked back to Camp Minnie-Mickey to line up for the last showing of FotLK. 

The show was as good as always and I think these four main singers may have been the best overall group that I’ve heard.  By the time the show let out, the park was technically closed so I – along with everyone else -headed towards the exit.  I lined up for the bus to Animal Kingdom Lodge and set off for Boma.

I had to stand and the bus stopped at the new Kadani Village first.  Once we got to Jambo House, I got off and walked in through the gift shop just like old times.  I miss staying here.

I checked into Boma and was seated promptly.  Gilbert, my server, explained how things worked and got me a Coke.  I ate lots of good things and even tried some new stuff.  I had some salad and tried the apple vinagrette dressing. It was pretty tasty, but I’m not a salad dressing person.  I had the strip loin of beef, which was seasoned with African flavors, and put some of their special BBQ sauce on it.  It was great!  So was the chicken.  I even tried salmon, which I would never ever do because I really don’t like seafood.  It was very mild, but tasted like fish (duh) and so I didn’t eat much of it.

The desserts were plentiful and I had some peanut butter mousse, some caramel cheesecake, and some banana bread pudding with vanilla sauce.  My server brought me out a plate of special desserts for my birthday including a macaroon, some sort of peanut butter pastry, an apple spice thing, and a Guava flavored gumdrop.  That was very nice of special of them.

I didn’t feel like taking a bus to a park and then back to the hotel so I hailed a cab and spent the $12 fare back to the hotel.  I’m going to watch Idol and/or The Office and then go to bed.  Tomorrow its the Magic Kingdom and probably Disney’s Hollywood Studios . . . but who knows!


2 thoughts on “Day One Continued

  1. LOVE Boma and the Animal Kingdom Lodge! Only stayed there once…but it was well worth waking up to the giraffes outside my window each morning!!!!! Ah….the memories!

  2. Just wanted to say I enjoy reading about the excitement and enjoyment of your trip (along with the laughable run-ins with the weeble wobbles in the world)! I’m not much of a blogger or reading blogs, facebook or twittering (or whatever it is called), but I remember the days I went to Kings Island (and I know there is no comparison to the land you are in!) and reading your blogs brings all of those good memories back. Thanks! And I hope your birthday is a FABULOUS one tomorrow!

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