Idol Thoughts Top 10

I was super busy last night for getting ready for my trip so I wasn’t able to host the podcast or blog in depth but I did want to pass along some thoughts. One, I thought everyone was much better with the glaring exception of Jermaine “I Know God so I Can’t Go Home” Sellers. I hope he was embarrassed when he went home and watched this back because he surely made me ashamed to watch him. It wasn’t his poor singing that was the problem – it was all the church stuff that made me uncomfortable. Unlike Mandisa from Season 5, who was sincere and honest about her faith and its importance in her life, this Jermaine fella just creeped me out.

I still think Lee Dewyze is overrated. I think Alex Lambert is going to be the “dark horse” that might go to top 3 and I think that Aaron Kelly should stick around longer than he probably will. I think Andrew Garcia got too much hype and can’t live up to it and I think Michael Lynche is completely underrated. Casey is vacant and soulless and John Park is the more feminine version of Casey minus the musical instrument. And finally, Toddrick Hall is being treated strangely by the judges and I think unfairly. We’ll see what happens on Thursday.

And now on to the girls:

Crystal Bowersox- She’s just super and like others in the past, she is so far beyond the rest of the pack this season that its going to be funny to see if she can keep it together or get a big head and get herself into trouble on stage during the judging.

Haeley Vaughan – Everything I liked about last week was gone. This was boring boring boring. Shame on you Sanjaya-girl. But Ryan shutting down Simon was fantastic.

Lacey Brown – So much better than last week! She really does have some talent and Randy is a moron. She could lay off the makeup a little, though.

Katie Stevens – I thought it was very good. Randy needs to wear headphones. Actually, we don’t need him at all. Go home Randy. Ellen wants her to sing rock. She’s not a rock singer. She likes old stuff because she’s an old soul. People LIKE this kind of music and obviously so does she. She’s not a typical stupid 17 year old girl going gaga for punk rock or rap; she likes MUSIC. I wish that the judges did too because sometimes I think they don’t even care about the music but care about the image. Katie performed it well and Kara was wrong, too. She’s good and she’s going to win the whole thing whether I like it or not. She’s not my favorite; but from a prediction standpoint she’s going to win.

Didi Benami – She can SANG. I liked this so much. The judges are on crack.

Michelle Rodriguez – I thought she should have left last week and I still think she’s not good. Elevator music.

Lily Scott – I like Lily in small doses. I’m not sure I could listen to a whole album of her, to be honest, but I appreciate her uniqueess and the fact that this show allowed her to get this far is great. She’s a true musician.

Katelyn Epperly – I think she’s really good. This wasn’t that great, but she is really talented and should continue to do well.

Paige Miles – Great example of taking a song and making it your own. She changed the melody enough on the verses that she didn’t sound like Kelly but it didn’t make the song unrecognizeable. She is good though her falsetto wasn’t so hot. I like her, though.

Sibohan Magnus – I love this song. She seems so cool, laid back, and humble and a bit strange, but in a harmless way. I like her and her versatility is going to be interesting. I just wonder if the competition might be too harsh for her – but maybe that “on another planet” thing is a gameplan. We shall see.

Going home: Jermaine, John Park, Michelle, and Haeley.


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