Disney Trip March 2010 – The Night Before

I left the office around 6:00 and headed to Indianapolis where I had reservations at the La Quinta near the airport.  I found a great rate at Expedia.com and this hotel offers free parking and a hotel shuttle to the airport – so the room really was very very cheap.  Its also very clean and I’m very happy with it.

I’ll get up tomorrow, get a nice start, and fly out at 11:20 AM.  I’ve already checked into the flight AND to my hotel room so tomorrow SHOULD be a breeze.  I should be at the Animal Kingdom (if that’s where I end up deciding to go when I get there) by 3:00 at the very latest.

Stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter for frequent updates and photos throughout my birthday trip.  Tomorrow night I’ll be eating dinner at Boma, an African buffet, at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Stay tuned for more!


3 thoughts on “Disney Trip March 2010 – The Night Before

  1. I’ve heard Boma is AWESOME! Happy b-day! And doesn’t AK close at 5? That would be such a tease to me – going for just 2 hours!

    • My intention is to just go and watch Festival of the Lion King and hang out before dinner at 5:45. I only have a couple days so I don’t have much time and while I love AK, two hours will have to suffice this trip.

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